Welcome to my Collective Efforts

Here you will discover a few of my passions.

I hope my efforts inspire you to chase your own dreams, like I am chasing mine.

For a long time, I was scared of putting my dreams out in the open, on display for others to consume. Then, I realized God gave me my dreams for a reason. He wants me to pursue them.

My writing is for me alone. But, I wanted a platform to share it with you, since many of you have taken an interest in my writing. Thus, kyliemadole.com was born.

The earlier rendition of my space, kyliescookshop.com, has been absorbed into this site. I know some of you like to follow my cooking efforts. Rest assured, you will still see them here.

Whether you come here to check on my official pieces of writing, my cookshop or simply my ramblings, I hope you see the passion I put behind these things. I hope you see a glimpse of Kylie Madole.