Monday Meal Planning Tips

I figured I would ease all of you into my meal-planning ways by first, making sure you are equipped with the proper tools to command your kitchen and your weekly meals. The utmost importance is, obviously, a notepad, notebook etc.  mealbook2This one is from May Designs. You can order anything from Day Planners to Meal Planners. For a long time, I only used a legal pad, which is perfectly fine. However, I thought I would treat myself last month!

The way I organize my meal planning is that I first write down the days of the week and make notes on the days we won’t be home for me to cook. I get my inspiration for meals from various cookbooks and of course Pinterest.

As I jot down each meal, I write the ingredients on the grocery list part. Here is my week this week:

mealbook1What does your meal planner look like? I will share some more tips next week!


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