The First Slice of Fall starring Pumpkin Scones

Rushing Fall is kinda my thing. I patiently wait until September then dive, head first, into fall. Since we are in the 3rd week of September, fall is indeed in full swing at the Casa de Madole. Apple cider candles, fall wreaths, bales of hay and pumpkins abound around my house.

giphy (3)

Also, pumpkin puree is literally flowing like a glorious fountain of fall as well. I have cranked out pumpkin bread already but this week I wanted to try my hand at another delicious goodie-Pumpkin Scones.

I have made scones before but never with pumpkin. Those of you that have baked with pumpkin before know that it changes the texture of your baked goodies. I used a moderate level recipe that turned out incredible even if the presentation wasn’t exactly like the picture. But hey, it’s real life and the reality is, they are just going to get eaten anyway.

Alas, here is the link to the Pumpkin Scones recipe I used:

The recipe is pretty straight forward and I really like the author’s blogsite. Here are my pictures:

 This is right before the go into the oven.

scones3This is after I glazed them and added the pumpkin icing. If I had to pick the trickiest part of this recipe is making the icing with pumpkin. My icing came out too runny. Overall, the scones were incredible and got rave reviews in our house. The were also moist as all get out.


Please leave me a comment about your favorite fall baked items!!

Kylie Madole1


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