Thoughts on Community: New Friendships

Food and Community go hand in hand. The same way my life and it’s adventures cannot be separated from my spiritual life.

I strongly desire for others to grow in community together. God did not create us to be creatures dwelling in loneliness. No. He designed us to be interdependent on one another. It’s very interesting that two of my passions, community and cooking are intertwined. Often times in the Bible, people met over food. We still see this in cultures all over the world today. Here in the States we still do that although, more and more we are meeting over coffee or craft beer.


My husband and I often reflect on how we can further community. More specifically Gospel Community. One of the ways we do this is that we host a weekly Lifegroup in our home. Of course, I always provide some munchies for the group. About once a month we have what we call a “family meal.” This is just where everyone in our group brings a side dish for our themed meal (i.e. Mexican or Italian) and we share a meal together as a Lifegroup.

Community does not have to be limited to planned events. Sometimes, we spontaneous join our neighbors cook out. We laugh, lift each other up and enjoy each other’s company. Luckily for us, our neighbors love the Lord like we do, so we seamlessly spur each other onward for the Lord. We share thoughts, burdens and praises over steaks and fruit salad.

The Lord intended for community to be common place. Enjoyed often. He intended for community to challenge us, pick up us when we fall and rally the troops for our aid. Often times, Jesus displayed his love for community by breaking bread in the homes of common people in the Bible. Even prostitutes. He demonstrated that we were never meant for isolation but to surrounded by loving people.

I want to challenge you to truly seek community. Truly. And not just in grand gestures, but in small moments when you take cookies and a jug of milk next door. Or when out together chips and dip for a party. Do life together with those around you and you will never be the same.


Kylie Madole1


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