My Favorite New Thanksgiving Eat

I know this is a week late but, boy howdy the Holiday season is always bustling. Especially because we have four sets of parents to celebrate with. Within all of that as well, there are so many seasonal and enjoyable things I want to do in the short span of four weeks! Christmas season has me like…


If you have not had the chance already, check out my Pinterest page {kyliescookshop} and take a look at my Thanksgiving Eats 2015 board.

On that board you will find all of the dishes I cranked out for this Thanksgiving.

I tried several new recipes this year. I even dabbled with my first pomegranate ever!!!


This was my favorite new recipe by far!  It got rave reviews from my family as well.

Cranberry Pomegranate Bruschetta


This really was quite simple and yet so darn sophisticated. Combine whole pomegranate seeds with a mixture of chopped cranberries, cilantro, orange zest, honey, sugar and sriracha sauce. It makes for a brilliant flavor and color combination. Place the seeds and berry mixture on top of toasted french baguette slices spread with cream cheese and wholla!


The only thing that did not fair well for me was the orange zest. My orange was super juicy and even just zesting it cause the zest to be mushy and not sprinkly (if that is not a word, it is now).

My husband went on and on about how wonderful this dish was.

For travelling purposes, here is how we package the appetizer. After making the toasted bread slices, we spread soften cream cheese on them. We placed the slices on the platters and covered with Saran wrap. I placed the pomegranate cranberry mixture into a bowl with a lid. Once we arrived at my mom’s house, I placed a spoonful of the mixture on each slice and we were good to go. This packaging kept not only the bread from getting soggy but also, the presentation from getting too messy.

Tell me about some of the Thanksgiving eats you conjured up last week. Leave me a comment for a chance to win a week’s worth of meal planning!!!

Kylie Madole1


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