Funky and Fresh star in BBQ Chicken Lettuce Wraps

**So, I realized that I never posted back in March! Eek! So, forgive the spring references but this dish is soooooo fresh and good anytime!**


Spring is here! Wave hello to the season of cookouts, rainstorms, flowers and sunshine!!!



I am a fan of BBQ and salads. Therefore, I am a fan on BBQ chicken salads. This recipe is a funky yet fresh take on a BBQ chicken salad. It’s a BBQ Chicken Lettuce Wrap. How clever is that? Oh and it has pineapple! You can start salivating right about now.




Here is the recipe –>

Of course, I almost always deviate from recipes. Call it my rebellious nature. Call it lack of attention to detail. What it actually is that I am very comfortable in my kitchen. I am comfortable in command of the food I place in the Madole bellies. I know what our pallets like. Therefore, it is acceptable, in my eyes, to deviate.

Here are my step by step pictures and my “tweaks.”

To keep it simply, I place all my seasoning in the same measuring cup. Dice up the chicken and pineapple and heat the skillet.

Add the seasoning to the chicken and place in skillet to cook. Add brown sugar. I just added 1 TBSP of sugar. Mix well and cook thoroughly.

Remove the chicken and set aside after it is cooked. I added the garlic, 4 green onion stems and the pineapple to the same skillet. As the mixture cooked down, I added the cashews for a nice crunch.


The sauce is fairly simply to put together. Use greek yogurt and fresh lime and cilantro.

Now time to assemble your wraps and enjoy the BBQ without all the guilt!


As always, I would love to hear from you. Please drop me a line!

Kylie Madole1



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