Pantry Party 

As if I need an excuse to go to HomeGoods, my friend posted about cleaning up her pantry earlier this month. A light bulb went off in my head that led me straight to HomeGoods’ front door. My pantry needed an overhaul.

It wasn’t that there was a ton of expired food or grime built up. It was that the clutter of haphazardly placing items back in the pantry had become overwhelming and slightly embarrassing. Now, I am just as much to blame as my dear husband. Cleaning up the clutter was not our only issue. I needed to create designated spaces for our items to go.

The challenge was laid before me. I accepted and began scouring the aisles for pieces that would not only fit in our small pantry, but also enhance it’s ability to store.

I looked for narrow, but deep baskets for any boxed items or packets of seasoning. At one point my whole cart was filled up with different baskets. With my husband standing next to me making sure I wouldn’t buy them all, I carefully sifted through my cart and decided to go with my gut instincts about which baskets would be best.

Next, I went home and decluttered my front closet some so that I could obtain another fabric basket for the bottom of my pantry.

Then, I went to work shifting, emptying and rearranging my pantry.

This was the end result.


I was even able to take things off my kitchen counter to free up additional and unexpected space! BONUS!!!

At the bottom of the pantry are breads & chips on the left. Tupperware in the middle. Lastly, plastic-ware on the far right.

I am very satisfied with such a simple and fun change. I can see everything we have. Most importantly though, everything has a defined space.

What New-Year’s decluttering did you do?

Kylie Madole1


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